Waterfall Software Testing

Waterfall Software Testing is a type of software testing in which the different testing levels are performed one after the other. It involves the testing team members and unlike the agile testing development team is not involved in the testing phase. Testing team basically performs the testing operation once the full development of the software or the product is complete. Only after the completion of development life cycle, the testing life cycle begins. Once the software is fully developed then only the testing operation are performed.

Objective of Waterfall Testing:
The objective of the Waterfall testing is:

  • To detect the defects in the software product or the application.
  • To test the system or application once development is complete.
  • To find all the defects at the same time.
  • To carry out testing processes in a order.

Features of Waterfall Testing:

  • Testing is considered as a separate phase.
  • Testing is performed only after the development phase is complete.
  • Development team is not involved in the testing work.
  • Testing is performed in a level manner.
  • Another testing takes place only after the completion of the previous one.

Waterfall Testing Representation:

Advantages of Waterfall Testing:
The advantages of Waterfall Testing are:

  1. As the development team is not involved so workload of developers are reduced.
  2. Involvement of may minds leads to a worse conclusion and creates problem in decision making hence there is no such problem in waterfall testing as development and testing team doesn’t work together.
  3. Less time consuming as testing is not performed in each iteration.
  4. All defects are detected at the same time.
  5. Development work and testing work is separate that improves software quality.
  6. There is not barrier in development phase.

Disadvantages of Waterfall Testing:
The disadvantages of Waterfall Testing are:

  1. If one test fails there is stoppage and further testing can’t be processed.
  2. Sometimes it may be more time consuming as the several defects are defected at the same time.
  3. The workload of testing team is increased.
  4. Testing team performs tests in level-wise manner that may lead to time consuming.
  5. Software quality may be low as compared to agile testing.

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