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Image Format describes how an image data is being stored. Different image formats have different merits and demerits. There are around 7 most common image formats which are used in different cases.
For example – The advantage of JPEG format is that it supports 24-bit color with up to 16 million colors. Thus, having high resolution. While PNG format have Low Resolution.

Image file formats :
1. JPEG(.jpeg)
2. PNG(.png)
3. TIFF(.tif or.tiff)
4. GIF(.gif)
5. Bitmap(.bmp)
6. EPS(.eps)

Note: To study in detail about Image Formats refer – Image Formats Article.

We can convert one image format to another using Wand library in Python using format property.

Syntax :

wand.image.format = 'final_format'

Code :





# import Image from wand.image module
from wand.image import Image
# Read .png image using Image() function
with Image(filename ='koala.png') as img:
    # Change format in python using format property
    img.format = 'jpeg'
    # Save final image
    img.save(filename ='koala.jpg')


In output, we will get an image with name koala.jpeg with jpeg image format.

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