Walmart Labs Senior SE Interview Experience


I was directly called to onsite interview.

Round 1, Pen paper coding:
This was coding round where they have provided list of 5 questions ad you have write code for any 3 questions in 1 hour time.

Question were related to Linked List, BFS, Graphs and Arrays and the difficulty was moderate.

Round 2:
Q1. Given a rational number in form a/b rational numbers, you have to print the number in its decimal format. If its recurring decimal you have to print the recurring part within parenthesis.
Eg 1, For 10/3 output should be 3.(3)
Eg 2, For 10/8 output should be 1.25

Q2. Given a list of file in a project where compilation of some files is dependent on other files. You have to print order of compiling all the files in project.

Soln: Topological Sort

Round 3:
This was mostly related to work which I did in my current org. After this discussion we moved to 2 PS/DS questions.

Q1. Given an array of integers, find 2 indexes i and j in array such that a[i] + a[j] + (j-i) is maximum.

Q2. Clone binary with random pointers.

Round 4:

Design logging framework like log4j.  Problem was mainly focused how you would use observer pattern as there can be multiple appenders for a log line.

Round 5:

We mainly discussed about my current work and tech stack used.  Then the interviewer asked me to design URL shortening system.

Round 6:

Design fraud detection system for bank. It should be realtime and fault tolerant.


After few days I received positive feedback from HR.

Overall my experience with Walmart was very good.


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