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Walmart labs interview | Set 4 (For Senior Software Engineer)

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I was interviewed for Senior Software Engineer position in Walmart (6-8 years of experience,even people with 4yrs exp were also shortlisted)

Written Test (Hacker Earth) [Time limit 90 min]

1) Check for balanced parenthesis

2) Magnificent Fountains

3) Find the maximum digit occurred in a range of prime numbers

Eg: Range ( 21 -40) –>Prime numbers are 23,29,31,37,39 ( 2 occurs 2 times, 3 occurs 4 times, 1 and 7 occur 1 time and 9 occurs 2 times ->Answer is 3)


Face to Face discussion

1st round:(Mostly JAVA)
1) What is the major advantage of auto boxing?
2) How to define custom annotation?
3) Out of multiple threads if thread throws Run time exception what happens to other threads?
4)Implement LRU cache without LinkedHashhMap
5) Explain garbage collection process in JAVA
6)Explain JAVA memory model.
7)Difference between IsInstance and Instanceof.
8)Can you override methods of Arraylist? If so how?
9)Difference between Hash Map and Tree Map
10) Explain Concurrent hash map. (and few more which I am not able to recall)

2nd round:(More of Data structures)
1)Explain inner classes in JAVA. Where exactly inner classes were used while designing famous JAVA APIs.
2)Reverse a linked list.
3)Maximum height of a tree.
4)Find the number of leaf nodes for a given node.
5)How has Linkedin designed the number of hops to get connected to other people.

3rd round:(Algorithms)
1) Remove spaces in a string without using inbuilt function and taking constant space.

2) Find the number of possibilities to move from one point to another point in a chess board kind of square box.

The interview process was quite long as the panel count was very less. (9 am to 7 pm)

1)Compared to Amazon, Flipkart and many hot startups Walmart is easy to crack
2)Be prepared with basics of JAVA
3)Be good at BackTracking, Greedy algorithms and Dynamic Programming.
4)They stress more on solution than optimization.

All the best for people who gonna attend the drive.

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Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2019
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