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Walmart Labs Interview Experiences for Conversion of Summer Internship to PPO

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 03 Aug, 2021

I got the summer internship opportunity at Walmart Labs as they visited our campus for an internship. 

  • The coding test consisted of 1 coding question which was a slight variation of Min JUMPS. It can be found on HackerEarth. Another section consisted of MCQ which was of Computer Science core subjects like O.S. C.N D.B.M.S and a bit of aptitude. 
  • Around 11 students out of 220 were shortlisted. Then we had the interview round. Since I topped the coding test in my college mine was more like an HR round. Finally, 9 students were selected for the internship.
  • During my internship, I was the part of ASDA TEAM of Walmart International. Mine project was an individual project on NLP and Knowledge Graph. In short, I had to design a recommendation system for ASDA just like Netflix. Since I completed the project before time so I was given a mini project where I had to combine 2 different algorithms in the knowledge graph.
  • My manager was impressed by my work and he approved me for my PPO interviews. Since in my team 2 squads had empty positions so 2 interviewers took my interview. One interviewer was from my squad so he was very chill and asked basic tree questions like top view, bottom view. 2nd interviewer was from a different squad so she asked a bit of Java (as Walmart is a JAVA COMPANY but there is no compulsion of language for freshers.) Then she asked DSA questions like swap k nodes in linked list and subset-sum problem. That too sailed smoothly.
  • Finally, after 10 days results were announced and I got the PPO offer which I accepted instantly. The basic aim for any intern should be to complete your work on time, be proactive and be in constant touch with your mentor and manager. If you don’t know anything ask them. They will help you.

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