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Walmart Labs Interview (Experienced – 3.10 Years )

Last Updated : 15 May, 2019
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1st Round (DS and Algorithm Round)

1. Related to current Project.
Also asked to write the full code.
3. Clone an undirected Graph

2nd Round (Project Discussion and DS)

1. Interviewer was asking questions related to my current project. Had a very long discussion on current design of the Project. Was asking questions if we want to improve the design how we can do that. Asked a question where 2 Micro-services were communicating to each other.

3rd Round ( HLD Round)

1. There are 2 APIs – one to UPDATE a document/table and another to GET the document. Traffic of GET call is 10X times of UPDATE call.How will you design a system that is Scalable, Available and eventual consistent. What are changes we have to in DB layer, Application layer. Which DB we will use.
2. There is a button in UI, when someone presses we store the count and userId of that person. Which Data-Structure we will use to get the top 10 userIds which pressed the button maximum time in decreasing order.

4th Round (Hiring Manager Round)

1. Questions related to current Project.
2. My Role in the Project.
3. Some more questions related to my interests, what kind of work I am expecting.
4. and more behavioural questions

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