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Walmart Labs Interview Experience (on-campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Apr, 2019

Students of all the branches were eligible for walmart labs & the gpa criteria was 7.
Round 1:Round 1 comprised of an online coding round comprising of 3 questions on hackerrank platform with different marks .

1)The first one was an indirect question to find out HCF.

The other two questions were based on dynamic programming.

2) One of them being

3)The third one was similar to

Suggestion:Do all Dynamic Programming Questions from GeeksforGeeks as Walmart labs mainly focuses on this.

17 students out of 350 were selected for the Interview process.

Round 2: It was my first technical interview round and went for around 1.5  hr. The interviewer was very soft and polite.He first asked me to find odd number of 1s in a given array of 0 and 1 using different different ways with their complexities and then to find the best time complexity.The second question was permutation of string using backtracking.( asked me to write the whole program with correct syntax.

He then asked me basics of database, he did not expected dbms much from me as I had electronics branch, He asked me some puzzles like the most famous 25 horse puzzle I honestly told him that I knew its solution but he wanted to know if I had some different approach to it.He threw one more puzzle which was and just wanted to know its approach.

The next questions were based on Computer Networking (mostly related to my Internship) and  easy concepts of OS like Semaphores, Mutex and Job Scheduling Algorithms.

Round 3: It was 2nd Technical round.The interviewer was strict this time and wanted precise answers. The following questions were asked

  1. CN question:Difference between ip nd mac address;http, ftp and telnet.OSI layers(full detail explanation)
  2. Write a full program on paper with best time complexity
  3.  A programming question similar to google’s stock buy sell problem.
  4. Aptitude questions on percentage, profit and loss, probability.He asked me to solve them Orally.
  5. Java concepts: Different methods of creating objects in Java, Wrapper Classes, Hash maps and tables.
  6. Two puzzles, out of which I was able to solve only one of them.

Only 7 students were selected after the 2 technical rounds and luckily I was one of them

Round 4:  It was a Techno-HR round. He looked at my Resume thoroughly and He asked me some mathematical questions (probably because I had an internship in mathematical field)like prove grandy’s series, prove (a+b)^2 identity geometrically.He asked some questions on my project(what technology I used, how I tried to find the solution)and hackathons in which I had participated.

Tips:Prepare your resume honestly and know everything about it.The Interviewer is far more smart than you think.

Some managerial questions like my worst experience in being in a team  and how I solved it.What will I do if someone disagrees with your Ideas and similar such questions.

As I was from E&C branch he asked me why I chose that particular branch and now why I want to go for a software company.Also He asked me my favorite subject from E&C and asked me to explain Fourier Transformation in detail with its application.

Round 5:It was a pure HR round with some formality questions like why I chose Walmart labs and what improvements I want.He asked me If I had questions and if I had some problem with the location.

Tips:Have a detailed knowledge about the company.


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