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Walmart Labs Interview Experience ( On Campus FT + 6 month Internship )

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Round 1 (Online Coding and MCQs):-

The test was held on HackerEarth and was of 90 minutes. It consisted of 3 Coding Problem (100 Marks) . The Coding Problem was of medium difficulty.

Question 1. (35 Marks )
Question 2. Given X, Y, K, P, Q, where X is the number of unique alphabets, Y is the number of unique digits we have to form a string of length K with the following constraints :
1. string must start with an alphabet
2. must contain P number of alphabets
3. must contain Q number of digits
P+Q = K ;
1<=P+Q<=K ;

Ex. K=25, Y=5, K=2, P=1, Q=1;
ans = 125

Question 3 : given string s1 and s2, we have to transform s1 to palindrome such that s1 contain s2 as substring
in minimum opeartion, where operation is we can convert any character to an other character . print -1 if not possible .

Ex. : s1 = arbcd, s2 = ar
output : 2
s1 = aaaaa, s2 = bbb
output : 3

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2018
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