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Walmart labs Interview Experience

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Round 1 Coding and MCQ: This round was conducted in Hacker earth. There were 25 MCQS and 1 coding question. The MCQ contains both technical and Aptitude.

Coding question: All possible fake palindrome sub-strings (Fake palindrome: whether a string has any possibilities of palindrome)

Input: ABAB => A, B, A ,B, ABA ,BAB ,ABAB ( ABAB can make it to BAAB or ABBA )
Output: 7

20 got selected for next round

Round 2 Technical (35 mins): The interviewer introduced himself and asked about myself and about my project. Then he asked me which programming language are you comfortable with (I prefer CPP). Then he touches all the core computer science subjects to check my basics

  • Define OOPS
  • Where do you use Mutex and Semaphore (Difference)
  • Cross join in DBMS
  • Natural and inner join
  • Checked and unchecked exception in java
  • Garbage collection in java

He further continued in java but I intimate him that I am not comfortable in java then he moves on to other subjects. He asked whether I had any questions. I asked about his work experience and further clarified some of my doubts when conversing

12 got select for next round

Round 3 Coding Round (80 Mins): The interviewer introduced himself and further asked me can we start or do you have anything to say. I replied with joy to proceed code. The questions are

  • Detect a loop in the linked list 
  • Check whether the linked list is palindrome or not 
  • Spiral order traversal of a tree 
  • Maximum submatrix sum
  • All possible permutations of a string 
  • Bottom view of binary tree 

6 got selected for managerial round

Round 3 Managerial round(30 Mins):

 This round was a typical managerial round. Where he asked me to explain all the projects in 3 minutes, and some of the conflict management questions, two highs and two lows you faced in your college. He asked about my teammates in the project and I mentioned I did a project with my seniors in my 5th semester and how do you manage to work with them and further he added how do you convince your senior to your way of thoughts, likewise this interview went. 

4 got selected for HR round

Round 4 HR round(20 Mins): In this round, He asked me some usual HR questions

  • Why Walmart labs?
  • What do you know about Walmart’s labs?
  • Why information technology?
  • About hobbies?
  • About technologies that I know?

And at last out of 4 where two got (Full time & intern) and 2 got (intern). I got selected for an internship.

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Last Updated : 21 Aug, 2020
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