Walmart Interview Experience Sep-2020 (On-Campus)

Walmart visited our campus on 14 September 2020.The complete interview process was virtual.

It was a 4 round process.

Round 1(duration 60 minutes): The first round was unsupervised round on HackerEarth.It had 25 MCQ’s (50 marks) and 1 Coding Question(50 marks).

MCQ’s: MCQ’s include Database questions, Basic Aptitude questions, OOPs concepts. MCQ’s were easy and medium level.

The coding question was a medium-difficult level question. This question was the decider for shortlisting (since MCQs were easy and coding question alone contain 50 marks).

24 students got shortlisted from 150 students.

Round 2(duration 90 minutes): The second round was a technical round over Zoom Meeting. The interviewer first asked me to introduce myself, as I had projects and internship related to web development, so the first 45 Minutes was dedicated to project and internship like what technologies I had worked on, what was my role and how will I  make the user experience better, then he asked some OOPs concept and data structures, after that he gave me 2 coding questions, first was the implementation of Quicksort and the other was to build a tree. It was basically a resume based interview.

17 student got shortlisted

Round 3(duration 60 minutes): The third round of managerial round over the Zoom Meeting. In this round interviewer asked about the project, data structure, OS, OOPs, CN, so basically it was more of a technical round for me rather than a managerial round. The first question that the interviewer asked was about my projects and internship. Then she gave me 2 coding questions to write, first was how to insert a value in the middle of a linked list and the second was how to insert a value at end of a linked list, then she continued asking about abstraction, Deep copy, shallow copy, basically my OOPs concepts were tested, and other basic OS and CN questions were asked.

Round 4(duration 30 minutes): The fourth round was the HR round. In this round questions like, tell me about yourself, your experience working in a team, how will you approach a new problem, what are your strengths were asked

In the end, 14 students have shortlisted for 6-month Internship(performance-based conversion to FTE)

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