Walmart Interview Experience for SDE2 | Set 19 (3.8 years experience)

Round 1: Face to Face
1. Calculate a power x: Power(x, n)
2. Find pivot in sorted rotated array Sorted rotated array
3. Top view of a tree: Top view
4. Explain Singleton pattern in multi threaded environment. Why double checking lock is required ?

Round 2: Face to Face
1. Implement an immutable class that has a hashMap as instance variable
2. Internal working of a hashmap
3. Design tiny URL service
4. How hashcode and equals work. What is its significance. What are the the relative conditione between hashcode and equals eg. If 2 objects are equal there hashcode must be equals but vice versa may not be true.
5. There are 3 threads that perform the same task. Main thread starts all these threads. Find out which thread gives fastest result.

Round 3: Face to Face Hiring Manager round
Basic behavioral questions and current project discussions.

Thanks Geeks for Geeks for the prep help. Got an offer from walmart.

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