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Walmart Global Tech Interview Experience for SDE3

  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021
Geek Week

SDE3 Interview | Walmart Global Tech, Chennai, India

I got the opportunity to attend the interview as my profile was shortlisted by Walmart HR through the Instahyre platform.

Round 1(1 hour): This was an Algorithm and SQL round conducted by one of the Senior Software Engineers.

  1. Similar to Combinational Sum but duplicate elements should not be considered.
  2. Print all the Possible Subsets from the given array.
  3. Given Employee, Department, and Salary tables, write a SQL to fetch Employee names with the highest salary in each department.

Round 2(1 hour): This was again an Algorithm and SQL round conducted by one of the Senior Software Engineers.

  1. Search in a rotated sorted array.
  2. Internal working of hashmap.
  3. Given Customer, Order, and Product tables, write a SQL to fetch all the customer names who have NOT bought a particular product. (Follow-up question is, enhance the SQL without using Subqueries.)
  4. Write Javascript Async & Await and Promise code snippet and explain how it works.
  5. How Javascript runs using a single thread?

Round 3(20 minutes): This round was conducted by Hiring Manager.

  1. My interests and views on AI/ML.
  2. Explain one feature that you have done in your previous company that was challenging.
  3. Why looking for a job switch?

Then he gave an overview of their products, the tech stack they are working with, and the company’s culture and stuffs related to that. Overall, it was just like a chit-chat session to get ourselves introduced.

PS1: I was asked to introduce myself in every round of interviews.

PS2: I received an offer from them after 2 weeks.

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