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Walmart Global Tech Interview Experience for SDE Intern

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  • Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2022
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My Background:

  • Role: SDE
  • Branch : Electronics and Instrumentation(Circuital)
  • CGPA: 8+


I worked as a Summer intern in Walmart Global Tech Bangalore for 2 months. At the end of your internship, you are expected to go through some technical Interview rounds which depend on your Manager’s feedback on your performance during the internship. If Your Performance is up to the mark then you will have to give one single interview which is taken by your Teammate but if feedback is not good then 2 interviews are held by some random persons other than your team.

I had 2 Interviews. Both were Technical.

Some of my friends were asked questions related to their project and 1 DSA question but in my case, both the interviews were fully DSA based.

In both DSA rounds the questions were very basic, what they test is how you approach to solve the problems, Always start from Brute Force and then go on to optimize the code. I was asked 4 questions in all and had to write code for 3 of them, the last one I explained to them and they said it’s okay don’t code. The interview duration was 45 minutes each.


  1. First nonrepeating character in a String.
  2. The first element appears at least K times in an array.
  3. Make your own Wordle puzzle.
  4. Missing integer in an array of size n which has elements from 1 to n+1.

Your Interview feedback depends on your communication skills and your thinking and approach. And your PPO result will depend on both Manager’s feedback and the Interviewer’s feedback. So have a good impression on the manager also because that matters a lot!!

Good Luck!!

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