Wabtec Corporation Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus Virtual Process

For Embedded software

Online Test:

Total 3 section (90 min)

Individual timing cutoff

1.Aptitude section

(25 questions)(35 min)

Question based on general aptitude, quant, verbal.

2.Embedded section

(20 questions)(30 min)

Question on processor,find output of c/c++ program,digital electronics, operation system and analog electronic

3.Coding problem

(1 question)(25 min)

Given chessboard of m*n size and given position of bishop Find total maximum number of position attack by bishops in k moves! Bishop can move in any position on board diagonal after every step.

Technical Interview R1:

1.What you know about wabtec ?


3.Why to join wabtec ?

4.Why mtech in cse if btech in ece ?

5.Gate score and interest in which topic from ece

6.Mtech project and some cross question about model i used.

7.What is scheduling with types ?

8.Which scheduling is used in RTOS for hard real time OS ?

9.What is interrupt and types?

10.Maskable vs non maskable interrupt

11.What is embedded system?

12.Write a code to swap lsb and msb bit of given hexa number and print output in hexa form only with using type casting (not external function to make decimal to hexa)

13. Any questions for me.

Verdict: Not Selected for further rounds.

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