Vymo Interview (For 2 Yrs. Experienced)

Round 1: (F2F Round) – Write pseudo code for each program

Q1 – Print all the adjacent nodes in a tree that are adjacent to specific user given node.

Ex –                                                  A

B                                                       B’

C                                         C’                         D                          D’

Let’s say node given by user is C’ then output will be : C, D and D’

Q2 – Let’s say we have an queue and any index is given by user for that queue. Reverse all the elements in that queue before that index by using only queue.

Ex –       1            2            3            4            5            6            7            8

Index = 4

Output : 5          4            3            2            1            6            7            8


Round 2: (F2F Round) – Write proper code for each program

Q1 – Say true or false:

String s1 = new String(“abc”);

String s2 = new String(“abc”);

String s3 = “abc”;

S1 == S3 and s1.equals(s3) ?

Q2 – Given two strings find out whether two strings are anagram or not?

(He asked me different approaches and tell me to write code for each approach .I gave him four different approaches, he might be looking for the approach which he already knows)

Q3 – Given a string find out number of words?

Ex – Earth is round (also take care of multiple spaces in between)

Q4 – Reverse a string ?

Q5 – Reverse linked list?

Q6 – Find loop in linked list?

Q7 – Rotate an array based on given index.

Ex – Lets’ say array is :   1            2            3            4            5            6            7

Index = 3 then output will be :   5            6            7            1            2            3              4

Q8 – Write a program to check balanced parenthesis in a string and if string is not balanced then say unbalanced parenthesis and make it balanced.


Round 3 – F2F Round (Managerial round)

This round is mainly around design and engineering.

Q1 – He asked me to design a framework which I know from my project?

Q2 – Given a scenario of school. Ask to design classes and tables by using hibernate. (As my resume saying I am a hibernate expert)

Scenario: About school

  1. Professor can teach any # of courses and any # of students of any department.
  2. Single course can be taught by any # of professor and can be studied by any # of students of same and different departments.
  3. Students can belongs to any # of departments in school.

I implemented many to many relations for all the tables by using hibernate.

Q3 – A deck of card (52 cards, four different colors, thirteen cards for each trade). Design and implement shuffle method for it?

Q4 – ACID propertied and their solutions and implementations.

Q5 – Database queries and joins?

Q6 – System.out.println(“Heya”)? What is System, out and println?

Q7 – Why hash code is important in case of equal method. Implement these methods in your own class?

Q8 – OOPS (Inheritance, Polymorphism) concepts and examples?


Then I have one HR round and I got selected.

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