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Vymo Interview Experience for MTS (On-Campus)

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Online test: Difficulty level: moderate. There were 3 coding questions given. I remember only 1.

  • Given two integers n and d. Find the number of balanced words of length n that can be produced. A word is balanced if the difference between any two adjacent characters doesn’t exceed d. 

Let us say, given n = 2, d = 3. Then we get many examples like ad, za, zx, etc. ad is balanced (diff is 3 i.e <=3), zx is balanced. za is not balanced. We need to return how many words are possible like this. 

Round 1: Technical: Difficulty level: easy

Round 2: Technical: Difficulty level: moderate

  • Some basic questions on OOPs.
  • Given a big string consists of many words. We need to write a function to return the most trending words in previous ‘k’ elements. 

Example: A string given – mr, uni, am, tea, am, uni, freq, tea, get, uni; k = 5

  • We need to return ‘uni’ since uni is the most frequently occurring word in previous k words in the string. 
  • There were some other conditions given which I don’t know exactly how to specify, it was a very good problem though. 

Round 3: HR: Skimmed through all of my projects which were specified in my resume and asked a few questions.

  • What is your approach to learning a new skill that is required for your new project which you have absolutely no idea about?
  • How do you work while you work as a team? How do you divide your work?

Then I asked a few questions the interviewer as well.

Verdict: Selected

Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2022
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