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Vymo Internship Interview Experience for Software Engineer | Off-Campus 2021

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I applied for Vymo for the position of SDE Intern at Bangalore(currently remote). It was a 6 months internship program with good chances of Pre Placement offer. There were 3 rounds for selection in the company.

Round 1(Online Test): The first round was an online test conducted on HackerRank which comprised of 2 sections that had to be solved in a duration of 1 hr and 30 minutes.

Section 1: This consisted of 3 coding questions. Two questions were of easy level and the last question was medium/hard

  1. Easy question – Prison Break problem from HackerRank – (It was quite similar to
  2. Easy question – This was a straightforward binary search problem.
  3. Medium/Hard question –  This was a question based on the application of DP and binary search.

Section 2: This section consisted of 2 SQL questions. 

  • The first question was pretty easy with a straightforward approach. 
  • However, the second question was slightly tricky (medium level) and required the knowledge of Joins, Null, and aggregate functions.


Try to solve at least 2 coding questions and both the SQL questions as solving this much can certainly land you in an interview. I solved 2 complete and 1 half coding questions along with both the SQL questions. 

After the first round, I got a call after few days for the first technical round which was supposed to be held on the next day.

Round 2(Technical Interview Round 1): This round was a technical interview round. The interviewer asked me to give a brief introduction about myself. I started my introduction by telling most of them that were written on my CV. Then we started the discussion on one of the projects that were mentioned on my CV. It was a full-stack project in which he asked me to explain the complete workflow from sign-up to the posting of events on the portal. Then side by side he kept on asking some related questions like:

  1. What are cookies? Are cookies on the client-side or server-side?
  2. What is a session? Difference between cookies and session and on which side are they placed?
  3. What is a cache? What is the difference between server-side cache and client-side cache?

Then we started some discussions on javascript based on the code of my other project where he asked about the details of the project, which 3rd party API did I use, what REST API method was used to call the 3rd party API and how much experience do I have in working with Javascript.

  1. What is the event loop in javascript?
  2. What are synchronous and asynchronous events in javascript?
  3. Explain call stack and execution context in javascript?
  4. What are the different REST API methods?
  5. What is the difference between GET and HEAD methods?
  6. Difference between POST and PUT methods?
  7. What do you mean by idempotency (This was a follow-up question asked while explaining PUT)? Is DELETE idempotent? Which of the methods is idempotent?

Then he gave me 2 output questions on javascript which were based on the concept of setTimeout() method in javascript, asynchronous events, and promises. I was not able to answer the questions correctly.

Then he gave me 2 coding questions and asked them to solve them (Both logic and code):

  1. Find the second largest distinct element in an array. I gave an O(n) solution, He then further added that assume there are duplicate elements and the second largest element can be duplicate also. For example, if the array is [6,7,2,5,3,3,2,9] then the second largest element should be 2 only. The solution should be in O(n) only.
  2. Given a string with repeated characters. The task is to find the first index (1-based indexing) of the character which is repeating a maximum number of times consecutively.

    For Example:

    If the input is “aabbbccccddddd” then the output should be  10 as d is repeating the maximum number of times.

    If the input is “aabbaaccdaeee” then the output should be 11 as it is the index of the first ‘e’. Note ‘a’ is coming 5 times in the string but it is not repeating consecutively.

After this round, I got a call after few days stating that I have been shortlisted for the next round which was an HR round.

Round 3(HR  Round): In this round, the interviewer asked me some common HR questions

  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Tell me something about your past internship and projects experience
  3. Why do you want to join Vymo?
  4. Are you comfortable in joining a 6-month internship?

Then she explained to me the entire internship process, how things work, what technologies they work on and how teams are decided, and the PPO process. Finally, I got selected for the 6-month internship.

Last Updated : 06 Jul, 2021
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