VVDN technologies interview experience

Round 1: VVDN technologies is a core embedded company. There are four rounds. They are written, technical HR, technical HR, HR.

In the 1st round (written) there were 15 logical questions, 30 circuit questions and 20 C language questions.

Circuit questions are from bascics of electronics i.e., you should be good in concepts . If you are good in concept you can easily crack this section and the most important thing is it does not contain any multiple choices.

C language questions are very simple output based questions and then you should have basic knowledge in 16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit processors.

Round 2:  it is an technical HR round . They asked me to write one C program for the given pattern . And most of the questions from the round 1  questions. Then another asked me to design an 230v ac to 5v dc converter. I dont know to design and so i was not selected.


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