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Volante Technologies Interview Experience
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2015

General aptitude, verbal, technical java questions

Round – 2- programming round
Custom Exception

Demaged Gift-Logic


Inheritance and Overriding-OOPS

Runnable Thread Vowel Counter and Shared Location

SSN Problems-String

List the file-File

Round -3 – programming round
  Given a text file consist of nearly 1000 words
1.Find all the palindromes in it.
        i. sort them in reverse order by length
               ii. from above sort them in reverse alphabetical order and display the first 3 words

2. Get a string as a command line argument
        i.Find all the permutations of the string
        ii.Display all words in the text file which matches the permutation

3. Find all the anagrams in that file and display it

Round – 4 – HR

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