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Vocera Interview Experience for Internship
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2018

I applied internship through University/Collage.
Round 1:Online Test
The Test was conducted on Hackerearth. Test consists of(23 MCQ’s and 2 programming) Exam time was 1hr 45min
Each Question has different weightage(2 Mark, 4 Mark, 6 Mark)Questions areform DBMS, OS,
Networking, Predict the Outputs(C, C++) Mostly From DBMS Most of the Questions are from the concepts of Joins.
Programming Questions are 2 (Basic Dynamic programming)
Out of 120 They shortlisted 35

Round 2:Technical interview
Questions like tell me about yourself, Explain about your projects, some Basic programs like
write a code for fibanacci series and recursive program for factorial of a number
Round 2:Technical interview
Question Based on the Resume which programming language are you comfortable based on the question were asked
They shortlisted 20 members

Round 3:Technical interview
They asked about the Data structures concepts and explain the logic without writing the code for the given statements
they shorted listed 7 members
Round 4: HR
Tell me about your family
Are you comfortable in Bangalore since the job location is in Bangalore
Finally they Selected 4 members for interns

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