VMware On-Campus for Internship

Round 1: Online round. Around 60 people attended.

60 Multiple choice questions in total from Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, C, C++, Java, Quantitative Aptitude. No negative marks.

Round 2: 25 People got shortlisted. Skype call interview for 50 minutes.

Questions were:

  1. Find the intersection point of two linked lists.
  2. Implement Sudoku Solver.

Questions about my summer internship and about an academic project.

Round 3: 10 People got shortlisted. Face to face round with Manager for 30 mins. 

Discussion about the current technologies. Questions on Object-Oriented Programming, Design Thinking.

Round 4: 4 People got shortlisted. 20 mins with HR.

Questions were:

  1. Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. What do people think of you?
  3. Why VMware?

All 4 of us got the internship offer.

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