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VMWare Interview Experience | Set 3

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I had interview with VMWare. Their process is 1 written test followed by 1 telephonic and 3/4 f2f interviews.

Writtent test
Very basic questions. They just wanted to see if you can code or not.

Round-1 Telephonic- Pair coding

Need to write working code on a shared document so that the interviewer can see if you can put your ideas into code
1) Given BST, find the pairs whose sum is equal to given number
2) Binary search.
Other basic algo questions i forgot.

Round-2 F2F Interview
I was interviewed for vcloud team so they asked me below questions
1) What is cloud ? Why cloud ? Advantages of cloud ? Challenges in cloud ?
2) My project
Then started on algos
3) Reverse every k nodes in linked list
Write working code
4) Reverse the elements in stack-inplace. No extra memory should be used.
I wrote iterative solution code but interviewer asked me to write recursive solution

One more round is supposed to happen after this but the interviewer was not available so it was cancelled.
Have not heard any response from VMWare i also thought of not troubling them.


In telephonic round they are not bothered about time complexity of your algo. They just wanted to know if you can code whatever you think.
So if you do not find best solution also it is OK but write the code for average case at-least.

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Last Updated : 11 Jun, 2019
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