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VMware Interview Experience | On-Campus
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2019

VMware visited our campus-“PSG TECH COIMBATORE” on 18th August 2019. In Total consists of 5 rounds:

  • Online written round
  • Technical Round-1
  • Technical Round-2
  • Managerial Round
  • HR

Online written round: It consists of MCQs from OS, DBMS, Networks and any of the two programming languages you know the most. There were a coding question and students who solve the question can enter into the next round. Coding must be given more importance.
Technical Round-1:
This round lasted for 1 hour. First started discussing my projects and then he asked me to list the subjects from the subject I know the most to the least. My order was DS, DBMS, OS, Networks. He started with OS and ended with DS. I was not asked any networking question this round since I have listed it last. The questions asked where

  1. Virtual memory
  2. Paging
  3. Page Replacement Algorithms
  4. Implementation of LRU
  5. Basic intro to all data structures
  6. Convert an array to dynamic size.
  7. D/B Pointer to Constant and PointerConstant.
  8. 8.Print elements in one linked list that are not present in the other. The interviewer was friendly he corrected me whenever I had made mistakes.

Technical Round-2: This round lasted for 1 hour.First started discussing my projects and then he started asking questions.
The questions are

  1. What is the protocol?
  2. What are the OSI Layers?
  3. D/B HDD and SSD in your laptop?
  4. D/B TCP/IP and UDP?
  5. Page Replacement algorithms
  6. Spiral order traversal of the tree
  7. Vertical order traversal of the tree

After I have answered both the coding questions he was very much impressed.

Managerial Round:
This round was easier than the previous rounds. First started discussing my projects and then he asked me about the company. He also asked me about the singleton class. He also asked me about the upcoming technologies that I liked the most. I talked about Uplay pro and Google Stadia.

HR Round:
This round was just for formality. He just asked about my parents and finally, 6 got an intern from our college and I was one among them. Thank you GeeksforGeeks.

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