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VMWare Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual)
  • Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2020

VMware came to my college for Internship and Internship + Placement offers. The eligible branches for the process were CS and IT. The virtual hiring process consisted of the following rounds.

Online Test: The online test took place on hirepro platform. There were four sections and each section was timed:  

  1. Aptitude MCQs: This section consisted of quantitative aptitude questions. They were of medium difficulty. GeeksforGeeks aptitude section is good for understanding the concepts and Indiabix for practicing timed aptitude tests.
  2. Technical MCQs: This section consisted of MCQs from core CS subjects like OS, Computer Networking, Data Structures, and Algorithms. Some of them were tricky but a few of them were doable.
  3. Coding Question: This section had only one coding question on Pythagorean triplets. The allowed languages for this round were C, C++, and Java. Since I usually code in Python I was not able to recollect the Java syntax properly and solve the question.
  4. Coding Language-Specific MCQs: There were four languages available viz. C, C++, Java, and Python, and one had to attempt MCQs on any two of the four languages. I chose Python and Java. The MCQs were pretty easy if you have a good understanding of the language.

Case Study Activity: The shortlisted students of the first-round had to do a case study activity of three hours wherein everybody was supposed to design a solution in form of code or a flowchart. It was basically a system design activity. The different system design questions available on GeeksforGeeks were of great help and practicing all of them will surely help a lot in these rounds.

There was no shortlisting after this round but the solutions designed were discussed in the next round.

Technical Interview 1: The technical interviews were conducted on the Zoom platform and HackerRank codepair link for coding.

The round started with some basic questions on OOPs and DBMS concepts. Then there were questions regarding projects mentioned on my resume and on the tech stack I used in those projects. I was asked to code bubble sort and find the second largest element in an array. After that, I was asked a series of questions on core Java concepts such as garbage collection, thread lifecycle, heap memory configuration, exception handling, and OOPs concepts. Then there were questions on the case study design I prepared in the previous round.  

Thorough knowledge of core Java concepts is important and Javatpoint is a very good site for the preparation of Java questions as it has most of the frequently asked Java interview questions.

Technical Interview 2: This interview also started with questions on my resume then I was asked to design a database schema for an e-commerce website. The interviewer was helping me with the use cases and for this kind of question, the thought process is more important than the solution. Then I was asked to code a question on balancing the parenthesis and optimize it.  

Managerial Round: This round was to test how well do I fit into the culture and values of the company. I was asked different situational questions. It was kind of focused on testing my personality and how I react under various circumstances. These questions should be answered as honestly as possible and give examples to support your answers. Be humble and confident at the same time and most importantly just be yourself. I mentioned the events and hackathons I have participated in and organized during the college tenure to exemplify my responses. It is a plus point if you have done something towards a social cause.  

6 students were shortlisted after this round.

HR Round: This was a 15-min HR round where typical HR questions were asked about my family background, current offer, other aspirations in life, etc. This was a non-shortlisting round but after this round, the decision was made for offering Internship and Internship + Placement to the candidates.

4 students were offered Internship + Placement and 2 students received an internship offers.

I got an internship offer.  

Trust yourself and your hard work and just remember what’s yours will come to you eventually.

Best of luck 🙂

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