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VMware Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)
  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2020

Round 0 (Online test): MCQs and 2 coding questions. Don’t remember them now.

Round 1 (Technical Interview): This round lasted for around 50-60 minutes. The round started with me introducing myself briefly in 2 minutes to the two panelists that were sitting on the other side of the screen. Then the interviewer asked me the first question similar to this post 

  1. Print leftmost and rightmost nodes of a Binary Tree

The only difference was that I had to store the difference between the leftmost and rightmost elements at each level of the tree. I answered it correctly. I was then asked the complexity of the algorithm, initially, I answered wrong but then they gave me a hint using which I then answered correctly. They further tried to confuse me but I stayed with my 2nd answer. Then they asked me what all courses I had taken and then questions based on them were asked. I was unable to answer some questions which I directly told them instead of beating around the bush. Thereafter, they asked me about any 2 of the projects that I had mentioned in my resume. Then they asked some details on those projects, I was able to answer almost all the questions on the projects other than the ones where they went deep in the concepts which again I directly told them that I did not know. The interviewers were quite helpful and supportive. Then I was asked 2 puzzle questions: 

  2. The second was a variant of the above question but now we had a four-wheeler and a total of 5 tires with us.

I was able to answer the 1st correctly and the 2nd partially. The answer to 2nd question is supposed to be 6.25 kms but I answered 6 km. Then this round ended

Round 2 (Managerial Interview): This round lasted for around 70-80 minutes. This round again started with my brief introduction. Then I was asked a question

  1. Queue using Stacks

I answered it correctly. Then he asked me about some subjects that I like, I said OS, CN, and DBMS. He started with OS concepts and then had a detailed discussion on OS concepts. Questions on PCB, thread, multithreading, kernel, context switch, building blocks of an OS, scheduling algorithm, swap memory were asked. I forgot about swap memory at the time and mentioned this directly to the interviewer, he said it was not an issue. Then he asked me 2 puzzle questions:

  1. There are 8 balls 7 of them weigh the same but 1 of them has a different weight heavier or lighter. How do you find the oddball given a weighing scale? And also the minimum number of steps required to find the oddball. I answered this question but that was not the best answer, he told me so but I said that this is the best I am able to come up with right now.
  2. There are a master and his worker who works on a daily wage. At the end of each day, the slave should receive Re 1 from the master. We can take any denomination coin of our liking. What will be the minimum number of coins and their denominations such that if the master starts with Rs 7 and the slave with Rs 0 on Day 1 then after 7 days the slave should have Rs 7 and the master shall have Rs 0.

Then he gave me a situation where I am working in a team and I have a team lead and I get a solution to a problem that was different from the lead’s solution. How will I convince him of my solution? I answered that first, we will have a detailed discussion on the problem and its possible solutions, it is possible that during this discussion one of us realizes the mistake of their own or the other’s and point that out. If not then the lead is senior to me and has much more experience, so he may be knowing something that I don’t and that he/ she can explain to me, otherwise, I may be able to persuade him. Finally, he asked me if I had any questions for him. I asked him whether he can give me some tips about being a veteran in the IT industry.

Round 3 (HR Interview): This round lasted for 15 minutes. Questions like family background, interests, hobbies, any 2 major things that I observed in this pandemic situation, whether open to working on new technologies or not, where do you see yourself 5 years from now, life goals, dream company, married or not.

Final verdict: SELECTED

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