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VMWare Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021
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Brief: Hello folks, greetings of the day. My journey started with this company 4 months before my joining when I was randomly swiping over LinkedIn and suddenly I look onto a  post where someone has posted about the new joining in the VMware and he has mentioned the name of some of his employees. I directly jumped into their profiles, extracted their email-id, and mailed them my resume attached with a cover letter. And no response but after 4 months I get a call from the HR department the same employee referred me but at that time hiring were closed now they again have new openings and they wanted to interview me. I said yes and they scheduled me the interview in the next 2 days directly without any written round

Now I had just very little time to polish over my faded concepts. So first of all I analyzed what this company is about and what they are asking previously from their GfG archives. And based on that I prepared for threads, OS, Networking, etc because they have less work in DBMS and in DS Algo I was pretty confident so that’s why focused on my weak theoretical areas.

Round 1(Technical Interview-1): Questions Asked

  1. First question was directly a DSA problem given the String print the character with one frequency, interviewer wanted to test my coding skills so he said I have to run the code. Asked little variations and other approached I can use
  2. Given a linked list with a cycle present, detect if it has a cycle or not. I told the Hare and Tortoise algorithm this time no code just a pseudo code. Directly reaching to a most optimized solution put the interviewer in a doubt so asked me about any other approach for same.
  3. In question 2, Can you also find the point where cycle has been detected?
  4. OOPS  types, subtypes, method overloading, method overriding
  5. Checked my resume and saw Java there and asked what is Java
  6. Tried to confused me with concepts of compile-time and run-time polymorphism
  7. Concepts of threads, OOPS, and OS

My Experience: 

  • Interview went very smoothly my first coding question was compiled in the first time so that was a relief, although was a very simple problem.
  • At some technical question where I was not sure I told whatever I knew and then also mentioned it.
  • OOPs questions were mostly asked in this round.

Round 2 ( The second Technical Interview)

Question Asked and my experience

  1. Given a string find the count of substrings with unique characters. 

    My Answer: I got very nervous because I thought its a DP problem. In nervousness, I misunderstood the subsequence and substring but the interviewer corrected me at that time. I calmed myself and took 30sec from the interviewer and started to think. First I told the interviewer bruteforce approach where the interviewer also asked cross-question regarding time complexity and sub functionalities. Then as usually asked for better solution then I told about the repetitive actions our solution doing, so slowly I don’t know how but I reached to the solution of sliding window algorithm. I first of explained the approach verbally then  I said we will discuss it after writing code, then I wrote a code and I don’t know how but in one go I wrote the correct code ( with some little bit typos, not full code only function for that ), but the interviewer wasn’t convinced so keep doing the dry-run for test-cases around 5-6. I have to keep my attention also because at some point wrong dry run could have created a problem.  And finally got convinced with the solution asked for time complexity and 40mins passed because we took so much time interviewer directly moved to theoretical subjects

  2. What are the stages in life cycles of thread? What are the immutable data types and how can we talk about them in context of threads
  3. What is deadlocks? What is synchronization? Why deadlocks are created?  and a grill on OS
  4. Why we require synchronization?
  5. Many things about OOPs? Components of OOPs? Difference in overriding and overloading? and OOPS grill
  6. In the end she asked if I am familiar with networking concepts I straight forward said no because I hadn’t revised those concepts, I told her I am aware of basic things if you want to try then interviewer asked about  Routers, Hubs, Switches, Topologies, TCP vs UDP

Round 3(Managerial Round):

  • Initially, I was worried that there would be some technical discussion. But here we have a discussion regarding the ethics and principles of coding such as modularity, copyright infringements, etc.  Put me into situations and asked me what would be my decision in that case.
  • Asked me about my life’s biggest setback and a little bit introduction about myself and past work experiences and tough situations and how I dealt with them.

That’s it these were all the rounds. I was waiting very eagerly waiting for the response from HR because all rounds went very smooth. But for 3-4 hours no response at that time I lose hope but after that I received the text message that I have 3 calls from HR my no was not reachable at that time. I called back HR and then she informed me about my acceptance.

Thank You 

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