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VMware Interview Experience for MTS | On-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021
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VMware Interview Experience for MTS (Member of Technical Staff)

Eligibility : CS/IT/ECE, CGPA 7 and above.

CV Shortlisting: 107 students out of 300+students.

Online Test: On the HirePro platform

  • MCQs +1 coding question.
  • 107 minutes(Sectional Timing for each section)
  • Technical MCQs (Difficult) and  10 Aptitude MCQs.
  • Coding question – Easy level, implementation (30 mins)

Round 1: Technical Interview 1 

Time: 50 minutes

Round 2: Technical Interview 2

Time: 50 minutes

  • OS – Almost all topics were discussed in detail (Process synchronization, Memory management, deadlock, etc.)
  • OOPS – static keyword, why OOPS? Polymorphism, Encapsulation, etc.
  • C vs C++, Interrupts, Pointers
  • Coding question – LRU cache

Round 3: Managerial Discussion

Time: 30 minutes

  • Threads in OS
  • A real-life example of OOPS, Interface
  • Time management in real life
  • Task management in real life
  • A real-life example that proves that you are a quick learner
  • About VMware
  • About College life

Round 4: HR Discussion

Time: 10 minutes

  • Next 5-year plan(vision)
  • Biggest achievement in last 3 years
  • About family background
  • Feedback regarding the overall process


5 students were offered FTE + 6-month internship. And 1 student was offered only a 6-month internship.I was offered FTE + 6-month internship (only one from ECE)

Thankyou Gfg !!!

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