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VMWare Interview Experience for Data Center | On-Campus 2020

  • Last Updated : 18 Jun, 2021

Brief: hey there, geeks. I was selected on campus for VMware data center profile. The interview process was quite long but interesting. I was offered full-time (on-campus) and here’s my experience.

Details about the process: VMware came for two profiles a)hardware b)data center

There were 2 students selected one for internship and one for full time, and I was one of them.

Total Rounds: 5 in general 

Round 1(Written): The written consisted of multiple-choice questions lasted for about 1 and a half hour. 

  • Questions related to operating system, computer networks &, Linux commands were asked. 
  • Prior written they took an introduction session where they shared details about organization, their interest, goals, partners, package they are offering. Also details regarding profile and complete interview process.
  • The written was conducted in afternoon around 1-3 pm, and we received confirmation for second round in the evening. The good thing about organization is that all details for round are shared through mail.

Round 2(General Discussion): They divided the qualified student into groups of 10.

  • Each group had two mentors. 
  • They were judged on basis of body language, facts we present an approach towards our fellow mates. 
  • Our topic of discussion was e-learning. They gave us two minutes to think and then G.D began.

Round 3(Technical Discussion 1): There were two interviewers. Questions were related to operating system, ports, hardware, networking, Linux, and critical analysis (situation-based).

Questions Were: 

  1. Quick introduction?
  2. Describe operating system in layman term?
  3. What if your google chrome isn’t responding and urgent mail has to be sent your approach?
  4. Ports, protocols, SMTP? 
  5. Which operating system you have on your phone latest features? 
  6. If you are sending a mail what protocols are in action? 
  7. Which profile you are interested and why? 
  8. Linux its commands and some resume-related ques and anything new learned in lockdown? 
  9. Something interesting you did?

Round 4(Technical Discussion 2): My interest was in data center and I had mentioned that to my interviewer. They scheduled another interview for me. Others were promoted to the next round. This interview was purely based on data center and networking questions.

Questions were: 

  1. Why you have interest in data center? 
  2. What is a data center?  
  3. Architecture and some basic terms?
  4. UPS related? 
  5. Where is the mother-board located ? ports? 
  6. Why is it important to have backup?
  7. What will you do if power is cut and backup isn’t working?
  8. What are different layers explain them with real life examples? 
  9. Why do they have A.C Coolant? why racks are vertical?
  10. Where is VMware’s data center located? 
  11. Also, some personal questions like is there any problem with re-location? family members? 
  12. What are you hobbies? 
  13. Are your parents comfortable?

Round 5(Managerial Discussion): As soon as I cleared my tech 2, same evening I had my managerial. 

  1. Initially, they tried to test my patience by firing certain questions which made me nervous at some point, but then he was normal asking me questions related to data center, why am interested in data center.
  2. He also asked me to introduce myself asked about my family, my fathers occupation then he asked me technical questions related to O.s and networks . 
  3. He asked me about any critical situation I have faced in my life how did I overcome ? 
  4. My achievements? 
  5. Would I be comfortable regarding late night shifts ? 
  6. If workload is more would I be able to handle it? 
  7. Some basic questions.

Round 6(HR Round): Lasted for 7 min. 

  1. Asked me for a quick introduction. 
  2. Asked me about my family, my father. 
  3. He also asked me about how I helped my father technically in this Covid scenario? 
  4. Then about VMware and he was quite impressed from my research on VMware.

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