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VMware Interview Experience 2020 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2020

Recently Vmware visited out college Thapar Institute Of Engineering And Technology for both full time and internship roles. The entire process is virtual on the Zoom meeting. The selection process consists of total 5 rounds.

Criteria: CGPA- 7.00 and above only.

Round 1(Online Test): It consists of 4 sections:

  • Aptitude10 MCQs 15mins
  • Technical MCQs19 MCQs 29mins
  • Coding Question: We have to find the maximum sum of all K × K submatrices. (30 mins)

In this section, we have a choice to choose any two languages C, C++, Java, Python. For each, we have given 8 min to solve 5 MCQs questions. Questions here are of medium to hard level, So one should have a deep knowledge of these.

Around 180 students appear for this test and 54 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1 Time 1 hour): In this, the interviewer just asks me coding questions which we have to compile and execute on hackerRank.

  3. We have given alphabets A, B, C…….Z in the form of a circle. We have to decode every alphabet in a given string in such a way that the output alphabet is at Kth to the current in a counterclockwise direction.  


    Input: ABCD k=2
    Output: YZAB

After this round 34 were moved to the next round.

Round 3(Technical Interview 1 Time 1 hour): In this first interviewer told me to tell me about yourself. After this, he told me to explains the projects which you have done.

Next, he came to networking and asked what is the difference between IP and mac address and then a little about subnetting.

Then he asked me two coding questions:

  1. Brackets Matching:

    Input:((A+B)+(A-B)    Output:"NO"
    Input:((A+B)+(A-B))   Output:"YES"
  2.  Remove elements when consecutive elements are the same in a string:

    Input: ABCCBD         
    Output: AD

    As we will remove CC then we got ABBD so remove BB so we get AD which is not the same.

    We had to do this by using recursion only.

Coming to OS he asked me the difference between process and threads.

Then he asked me about exception handling and debugging concepts.

After this, around 15 students moved to the next round.

Round 4(Managerial Round Time 30 mins): This round was easy as he only goes through your resume and asks little about the projects and explains the job profile.

He also asked me basics fundamentals like what is thrashing, Segments in memory, and a little bit about stacks and queues, implementing stack using one queue.

After these 10 students moved to the next round which is HR the last one.

Round 5(HR Round Time 20 mins): This was a general hr round. The interviewer asked me to tell something which is not in your resume. Then where you see yourself in the next 2-5 yrs, Your strengths and weakness, your hobbies.  Then finally do you have any questions.

That’s it finally the results announced and a total of 8 students got the offer.



Luckily I got both FFT and intern.

Stay calm and give your best, All The Best…….

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