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VMware Interview Experience 2019 | On-Campus

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Round 1:

  1. Aptitude based questions – 10 questions 15 minutes
    1. Data Interpretation
    2. Number system
  2. Technical questions – 30-40 questions
    1. Operating system (Disk scheduling, paging)
    2. Networking (protocol questions)
    3. Data structures (Trees)
      1. How the snapshot would be in between during insertion sort
      2. Tree traversals are important
    4. DBMS
      1. They will give some query and ask to predict the output
    5. Output Questions
  3. Coding Question – 1 question 30 minutes
    1. Find the sum of all the subarray given the array and subarray length
      1. the question was very simple and brute force approach worked.
  4. Language based questions
    1. they will ask you to choose language of your choice out of 4 (c, c++, java, python). There will be predict the output questions and language specific questions.

Round 1 was basically about getting the MCQ questions right, because the coding question was simple and 30 minutes was more than enough to solve it. So it is important to get the MCQs right.

Round 2(Technical):

Round 2 was technical round. It was in the range of around 1-1.5 hrs. The interviewer asked me to discuss with him what are the problems that I might face while implementing a vending machine software. I drew a diagram explaining different steps that will be involved before the buyer gets their stuff from the machine.  I also discussed all the possible problems that we might run into.  The I was asked to implement the system.

The second question was to find the path between 2 given nodes.  I used LCA for my solution,   he  was pretty happy with the solution.

Round 3(Technical):

The interviewer asked me about my projects. Then started with technical questions mainly focused on OS. He asked me to about LRU, the data structures that can be used to make the searching and identify hit/miss conditions in O(1). I had to write a c++ solution.

Round 4(Technical):

Again technical.

  1. Print array spirally
  2. Count number of 1’s in a number’s binary form
  3. Find the pythagorean triplets in a array
    1. I gave an O(n^2) solution

Round 5(HR):

Questions like

Why VMware?

Why Computer Science?

Why choose you instead of others?

How did you prepare for VMware?



I got an internship offer from VMware. Performance-based conversion.

Hope sharing this helps you. Other interview experiences have helped me a lot too!

Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2019
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