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VMock Interview Experience (On Campus – IIT MADRAS)

  • Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2020

Hello everyone, I’m sharing my on-campus experience of the company based out of Gurgaon named V-Mock. I am writing this article in order to share my interview experience at VMock. The round consisted of two technical and 1 HR round

Round 1(Technical): In the technical round, few basic problems of data structures were asked such as the tower of Hanoi.

Round 2(Technical): In the second round, a bit difficult question such as tree data structures were asked but those were fairly common questions

Round 3(HR): In the HR round they told about there company the working culture and asked me about my expectations and what I’m good at, Also I asked them about their tech stack and got to know they work on PHP laravel.

I got selected after this and the interview process was fairly simple and I enjoyed the process.

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