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Vmock Interview Experience for Senior ReactJS Frontend Engineer (3-5 Years Experienced)

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Recently I interviewed with Vmock. I applied on Hirist for Senior Frontend Engineer Role and got a call. The recruiter had a thorough discussion with me over call. Then she forwarded me a document that requires me to elaborate on my current project, roles, challenges, and others.

Finally, after 2 days I got a call from her to schedule the interview for the technical round. The interview was on zoom call.

The interviewer started with the below questions:-

  • Tell me about your current project.
  • Few more questions on the project
  • Debouncing
  • Throttling
  • Use cases for debouncing and throttling 
  • How do you make API calls in react 
  • How to cancel ongoing API call 
  • How to delay loading of components that are not required at the moment (use case of lazy loading) 
  • Lazy loading of heavy images 
  • You have two react project repositories with different stores. How would you merge both? Manually or automatically?
  • Webpack. Its use and benefit 
  • Why Sass is used? Benefits? 

After Technical Questions moved to the Coding round:

  1. Maximum product of a triplet (a subsequence of size 3) in array 
  2. Find all distinct subsets of a given set
Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2022
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