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Vision of Cloud Computing

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  • Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2022

In Simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing the data and programs on remote servers that are hosted on internet instead of computer’s hard drive or local server. Cloud computing is also referred as Internet based computing. These are following Vision of Cloud Computing :

  1. Cloud computing provides the facility to provision virtual hardware, runtime environment and services to a person having money.
  2. These all things can be used as long as they are needed by the user.
  3. The whole collection of computing system is transformed into collection of utilities, which can be provisioned and composed together to deploy systems in hours rather than days, with no maintenance cost.
  4. The long term vision of a cloud computing is that IT services are traded as utilities in an open market without technological and legal barriers.
  5. In the future, we can imagine that it will be possible to find the solution that matches with our requirements by simply entering out request in a global digital market that trades with cloud computing services.
  6. The existence of such market will enable the automation of discovery process and its integration into its existing software systems.
  7. Due to the existence of a global platform for trading cloud services will also help service providers to potentially increase their revenue.
  8. A cloud provider can also become a consumer of a competition service in order to fulfill its promises to customers.
  9. In the near future we can imagine a solution that suits our needs by simply applying our application to the global digital market for cloud computing services.
  10. The presence of this market will enable the acquisition process to automatically integrate with its integration into its existing software applications. The availability of a global cloud trading platform will also help service providers to increase their revenue.
  11. A cloud provider can also be a buyer of a competitive service to fulfill its promises to customers.
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