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Vision Beyond Interview Experience for technical HR Recruiter (On-Campus)

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Round 1: Group discussion: Everyone who had applied got an online zoom meeting link. The first Gd round was on zoom call and all the students were divided into groups of 10 students a total of 5 groups were made and a particular time was given to each group.

The Recruiter gave a random topic and a time of 45 min was given to each group. The selection criteria were based on the following factors:

  • Who is starting the debate
  • Who is speaking for the maximum time
  • Accuracy of word 
  • Who is ending the debate
  • Who is speaking the most relevant points related to the topic?

Round 2:Techical Interview: After 3-4 days, I get a call from HR that I have cleared the online Group discussion round and my interview is scheduled for a particular date. then I got a zoom meeting link from vision beyond and the interview goes as follows:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Asked why you want to work as HR Recruiter
  • Asked about what are some basic backend technology
  • Asked what I know about this job profile
  • Any question?

My technical interview went quite well and it lasted around 40 min.

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Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2023
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