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Visilean India Pvt Ltd Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2021

Round 1(Online test): First round was an online test. 

  • The test link was mailed and the duration for the test was 30 mins which included 3 sections. 
  • First section was on concepts in Java or general programming questions. 
  • Second section was aptitude questions. A
  • And third section was Reading Comprehensive and some fill in the blanks questions. 
  • All sections were to be done in the time defined for each section. The time allotted for the section was, I remember was 10 mins each. All questions were MCQs.

Round 2 (Interview): Those who qualified were shortlisted for the interview. There was only one interviewer who was some technical lead in the company. 

  • He started by asking “Tell me about yourself”.
  • He then asked about the project in my resume.
  • Then the OOPs concepts.
  • In DBMS, he asked me about the LEFT Join, RIGHT Join. 
  • Difference between Truncate and Delete
  • Have you heard PL SQL? I didn’t know, So I said no. But he insisted, do you have any idea of what can it be?
  • Upon asking him, will there be another round, he said, only one round is sufficient but if we feel we can ask candidate to appear for further round whether it would be technical or HR.
  • Mine interview went for almost 20 mins. Others was maximum of 30 mins.

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