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Visa Interview Experience |Set 9 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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First round: Coding round hosted on hackerrank.Consisted of 4 questions of varying difficulty.Duration was 75 minutes.

Interview 1: Questions on oops, arrays, networks, dbms and os

Some of the questions asked were:

Merging two arrays, largest sum contiguous array, sql query to find nth maximum tuple, polymorphism, lru cache, routing and finding whether the given two linked list intersect.
Interview 2: Was the easiest of the 3 interviews.Was asked to write sql queries for the given tables which could be don using nested select,group by and limit.
Given a txt file containing strings write a program to copy the strings with more than 2 vowels to another file.

Interview 3: Was asked about the dbms project that i had done(had to explain each and every details about the project).He had the codes of the hackerrank round and discussed about it for 10 min or so.Asked me a puzzle(there is an insect climbing a 35 inches wall.It drops 2 inches after climbing 3 inches.This takes a total time of 1min.After every drop it takes 1min rest.What is the total time taken to climb the wall).I was supposed to do it without using pen and paper.Then he asked me common hr questions like why visa,why should we hire you.

I want to thank geeksforgeeks for such a good and amazing solutions to the problems which helped me in the interview .

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