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Visa Interview Experience |Set 8 (On-Campus)

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It started with my introduction to which I introduced myself followed by I started mentioning about the projects I did.
I mentioned my one of the projects on Android based on database.
He asked me to draw the design (Class Diagram) for the same.
Given water bottle ,design its software.
I started with test cases followed by feasibility,requirement analysis,coding,testing.He confused me in a couple of Use cases but I had mentioned enough of them.

How would you say that your software is good?
I had somewhere mentioned about that my code should be clean,well commented,good documentation and SRS,should fulfill user requirements..i also mentioned how would i tackle various requirement changes using various software models.
I mentioned the following points as well in the discussion.

He asked me for my favorite game?
I replied with “Chess”

He then drew 8*8 chessboard and asked me as to how would I place 8-queens in them(Famous N-queen problem)
I explained him my backtracking concept.
He was happy with the solution.
I started placing the queens manually (code was not required)

he asked me if i had any questions?
I asked a couple of questions about the growth in visa.

Round 2

Interviewer was not interested in Data Structures ans asked for my area of Interest except Data Structures and Algorithms(very common for CSE students)
I mentioned Web Development And Android Development.
He started asking questions on what security issues I faced in Web Development.
I told him about the time when I started it all with a login panel and how It got attacked by SQL Injection.
He asked me the difference between Encoding,Encryption,Hashing

Types of Encryption?
I started with Encryption Techniques like DES,AES
He gave me a hint by saying symmetric.
I then told him the other one Asymmetric(quite trivial).I explained both encryption to him by famous Alice Bob example and public Key Private Key thing.

Http stateless or —–?
I replied with stateless.

If stateless how it manages to provide user specific contents?
Cookie I said(he was happy)

Cross Side Scripting?

he asked me the language and IDE’s i used for Android Development?
Java,Eclipse Android Studio

Asked the above question of iOS?
I did not know the answer

Asked me about various validations i put in a form..

asked me fours types of methods used in form?
he gave me a hint after which I gave two names “GET” and “POST”..i did not know the other two(PUT and DELETE)

I told me the explain difference between GET and POST..i did that
Why GET preferred over POST?
I told him that GET was vulnerable to data leaking as variable and value was present in the URL.
He was explecting the following answer.Due to limitation in size of URL we cannot use GET to pass large number of values..which POST does easily

Why would I like to join VISA than greatly growing startup like Flipkart?
I stuck with visa and mentioned some of their points from PPT like the patents theie employees filed and innovation related things

No of threes in all numbers from 1-n?.

He finshed the Interview with this puzzle..
How many times minute and hour hand would overlap in 24 hours..
I replied with 24(answer 22) -he asked me to count the same using the clock manually.

ROUND 3: HR Round-(8-10 minutes)
He asked to tell something about myself and things I learnt in last three years?
I told him about myself ,my area of Interest,varoius projects I did,Technical Fest .I followed with personal skills like facing difficult situations..helping friends
(continuously spoke for 5-7 minutes-in flow)
Asked me if i had any questions for him?
I asked him a couple of questions related to work and technologies in VISA.

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Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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