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Visa Interview Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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Written Round:
75 minutes Test on Mettle.
Assessment Composition:
1. Coding Skills: 2 Questions (One ques is from DP(easy one like 0-1 knapsack) and other is Activity Selection Problem).
2. Programming: 10 Questions
3. Machine Learning Hadoop MCQ: 6 Questions
4. Networking MCQ: 6 Questions
5. Operating System: 6 Questions
6. Infrastructure: 6 Questions
7. Application Security: 6 Questions
(In coding round everyone had different questions but they mainly cover DP and simple array question).

First Round (35 min):

– First he told me about himself,then asked me “Tell me something interesing about yourself?”
– Then he asked me you have experience in android or iOs app development. Because i don’t have any knowledge of about it i simply said no.
– Then he asked me what is your area of interest. (my area of interest : computer networking , ds and algo).
– Then asked me completely describe Tcp/Ip model and OSI layer model thoroughly and difference between them.
– OOPS concepts all.
– PKI (public key infrastructure) and DDOS attack.
– Loadbalancing of servers.
– Complete working of Router .
– Write a code to delete node from singly linked list.

Second Round (1 Hour 10 min):

– First he told me about himself, then asked me about my project.
– Project was the main deciding factor that you will move to next round or not.
– Computer Network Topology,SDLC models, statistics (mean,median,mode,standard deviation formulae).
– What is api give examples also.
– He has given me a real time scenario and asked to develop stratedy for making a software.
You have been given unstructured data which is coming form facebook and twitter. Analyse these data according to “TCS stocks in market and people’s view on this”.
Make a strategy to tell that your software will decide that any point of time you should “BUY” or “SELL” the stock.
(A lot of discussion had been done there interviewer just want to know how you are approaching to solution.)
– Testing (white box / black box testing mainly).
he asked one question based on this that if there is memory leakage in your program which testing you will choose and why. (ans : white box tesing).
– Finally he asked “You have any question from me”.

Third Round (15 min):

– This round was tech and hr mixed.
– He asked me for which profile you want to go (Networking or Programming) .
– TCP congestion how to remove it.
– A simple 9 ball puzzle , one ball is light in weight . In how many minimum balance you can find out this light weighted ball.
– Finally he asked “You have any question from me”.

Guys mainly focus on networking, information security and project and be confident. Thanks to geeksforgeeks for helping a lot in preparing for placement.

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