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Visa Interview Experience | Set 4 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 06 Feb, 2015
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Prelims : Online Test in

75 minutes Test on Mettle.

1. Coding Skills: 2 Questions
2. Programming: 10 Questions
3. Machine Learning Hadoop MCQ: 6 Questions
4. Networking MCQ: 6 Questions
5. Operating System: 6 Questions
6. Infrastructure: 6 Questions
7. Application Security: 6 Questions
Coding round , which consisted of 2 questions , was very easy questions ( From DP , arrays , Strings ) . The questions was selected from a pool . So don’t expect every candidate to get the same questions ( all sections ). Hadoop questions were mostly code related .

1st Round Interview :
Basic Questions from OS , Networks and Software Engineering .
OS: Race condition, Semaphore , Job Scheduling
Networks : Very basic like TCP handshake etc
Soft Engg : Diff testings , Design pattern ( definition) , SDLC
Nothing on Projects and Internship

2nd Round Interview :
Since I am Interested in Info Sec , this panel asked questions from Security only
: DDoS , how would you propose a solution to DoS , network attacks , etc . The guy who was in the panel was heading a security division , so we were practically talking about a lot of stuff regarding InfoSec.

3rd Interview :
It was entirely non technical for me but for others it was an HR+ Technical Round . The panel was not an HR guy . He was technical head of a division in Visa San Francisco . So he talked about technical stuff to other but for me nothing. We talked for a bit and that was the end of last round .

Hope this helps some Visa Inc aspirants . All the best .

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