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VISA Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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The first round comprised of 4 coding questions conducted in Hackerrank platform(Test Duration: 2 hours) :- 

1) There are different images given as array and their  corresponding frame numbers in another array. Images are to be arranged in order according to their frame numbers.

This question is similar to insertion in a linked list at specific position.

2) Given two strings, find a subset string of the smaller string such that both the strings can be made with that subset.

3) There are n piles of boxes of different heights which should be brought to smallest pile in the group. one pile can be converted to another next smaller pile by removing boxes and the cost to remove each box is 1.find the total cost to convert all n pile of boxes to smallest pile in the group.

4)This question is similar to N meetings in a room problem.

Tips :- Solve the questions that you are confident and come back to others later. Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it in the first attempt. If you are not able to optimize the code atleast write the brute force approach.

Round-2 (Technical Interview Round-1)

1. This round was based on how I solved four questions. He opened my codes of previous round and asked me to     explain the approach for each question and  for first question time limit test cases weren’t passed so he asked me to  eliminate TLE for that question and I wrote the optimized solution on paper and he was satisfied with that approach. For  fourth question when I told him the Greedy approach he asked how greedy  approach in this case provides efficient solution than any other solution.

2. What is  an interpreted language ,what are the differences between Interpreted and compiled languages.

3. When a prefix is entered in search bar he asked me how it displays all words starting with that prefix.when I told him by using TRIE data structure he asked how insertion happens in TRIE with Pseudo code and example and then he asked me write a code to  retrieve all prefix based words.

4. Given a array of integers find Nearest smallest element for every element in the array.

5. Discussion on Projects mentioned in resume. 

Round-3 (Technical Interview Round-2)

1. Explain DOS, DDOS, differences between DOS and DDOS, DNS, DHCP.

2. How to prevent DOS attacks on servers.

3. What is the role of Load Balancer what are the algorithms used in it and how to   handle server failures.

4. Role of profiler and what happens in the absence of Profiler and some System  Design related  questions

5. Linux command to get IP address of all the intermediate nodes in routing, IP  address of the our node. How to release and  allocate new IP address to a system.

6. Differences between process and thread, attributes of process in detail, states   of a process, different type of schedulers and their functions.

7. Explain different types of scheduling algorithms and explain the advantages , disadvantages, where  to use them.

8. What type of scheduling algorithms that are curently used and differences between different operating systems like windows, linux, macOS

9.How virtual memory works.

10. What is indexing, advantages of indexing, What are the different types of  indexing with example.

11. Applications of Data structures like Stacks, Queues, Linkedlist, Trees, heaps etc.

12. As I used MQTT protocol in my project he asked me what are the advantages  of MQTT over other protocols like http.

Tips :- You should know each and every word of your Resume. Interviewer will be mostly asking questions from your answers of the previous question so answer carefully. If you don’t know the answer tell the interviewer that you don’t know instead of saying something. Try to refer  more than one source for important topics in CS subjects like Operating system, DBMS, Computer Networks,System Design.

Round-4 (HR Round)

1. He asked me to explain my IOT  related project in detail.

2. How would you scale your project and release into the market and what are the challeneges faced during  

  your project.

3. Why should we hire you, what should a recruiter see to hire  freshers and why?

4. Given a  cloud controlled bulb how do you test the product before releasing it into the market.  

5. Why VISA and what do you know about VISA.

6. Why people go for trending technologies like Machine learning  rather than creating new  


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Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2020
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