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Visa Interview Experience for Software Engineer | On-Campus 2020

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Round 1 Online Assessment: 2 Coding question

  1. Based on compare function. Used 6 compare functions based on different conditions to sort data(array of structures) and display them.
  2. Similar to this.

Technical Round 1 (35-45min)

  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Discussion on projects. (15-20min)
  3. Queue using two Stacks.
  4. Abstraction(OOPS)
  5. Normalization and why do we do it, explain with examples?
  6. Basic Questions on CN, OS too.

Technical Round 2 (1hr.):

  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Discussion on projects. (15-20min)
  3. Find if a given tree is a binary search tree or not. (Program it from scratch, binary search tree also)
  4. I gave an Inorder traversal technique and coded it, and then he asked to reduce space complexity and then coded it using INT_MAX,INT_MIN using recursion.
  5. Coding questions based on strings, convert them to a space-separated array of strings and for loops.

Technical Round 3(40-50min) – Final Round

  1. Taken by very high authority some VP of Visa India.
  2. Introduce Yourself.
  3. Discussion on projects.
  4. He picked up words from every sentence that I speak and then discussed on same.
  5. Design your own Hashing Algorithm.
  6. What is your hobby? I mentioned playing Minecraft.
  7. He asked me to Design Minecraft.LOL. I only identified a few entities and relationships between them.
  8. Design Hostel Management System.
  9. Challenged faced during the lockdown and some general discussion on Visa Work Culture etc.

Only 1 selected. Out of 4 in the final round, I was rejected.

Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2021
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