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VISA Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus 2021

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Online Round:

  1. Find the longest subarray in an unsorted array that has an abs diff b/w adj Elem <= 1 after being sorted. My approach: sort and find subarray count of adj elements with abs diff <=1.
  2. Some variant of this

Technical Round 1:

  1. LRU Cache Implementation. 0 TC Passed.
  2. What is 3NF

Technical Round 2:

  1. My introduction was stellar. Put serious thought into it. Mine was a sales pitch of myself.
  2. A variant of this Delimiters were comma, period, ?! And spaces. Hyphens to join words. Words are made of only [a-z][A-Z]. 0 TC Passed. Complimented my logic and thought process.
  3. SQL query to find second highest salary?
  4. Difference between SQL and NoSQL
  5. Difference between Process and Thread
  6. What’s keeping you from leaving VISA?
  7. Dropped some talking points from the pre-placement talk

HR Round:

  1. Introduction
  2. System Design problem. What to do if there are too many requests to a web server? Don’t know if they’re correct. I feel it was a more test to see your critical thinking and acquired knowledge.
    1. Load balancing
    2. Redundant Servers ready to deploy
    3. Caching requests
  3. What do you want to work in?
  4. Why do you want to join VISA?
  5. Asked what kept them at VISA? And what they’re objectives in their career?

Got a compliment and an offer the next day.

My Prep: ~100 LC Mediums and GeeksforGeeks Visa interview exp. Prepped core CS questions very well.


  1. For DSA, mention your time and space complexity before you start explaining your DSA problem. Write out a couple of test cases that you want to test your logic on, and why you chose those specific test cases. Make sure the interview is following your explanation if they’re quiet, ask them if they’re following or where you lost them. Be very vocal about your problem-solving logic.
  2. For Core CS, explain the need for something, where it’s useful, and then define it. Pros and cons if you can too. Other alternatives. Where you used them.
  3. For HR questions, give an example in your life where the questions are applicable. Use for those scenarios.
  4. Create an interview prep doc with hyperlinks and appropriate headings as a
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Last Updated : 12 Feb, 2021
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