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VISA Inc. Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Last Updated : 30 Oct, 2022
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Round 1 (Coding Test): The first round was an online coding test that consist of 3 coding questions and was conducted for 1 hour 30 minutes. The questions were:

Around 22 students were shortlisted for interviews.

Round 2(Technical):

  • The interviewer introduced himself and asked to introduce myself.
  • Then he asked about my recent work or recent study that made me interested.
  • After that, he asked a coding question. Given a sorted array, print the missing numbers in it. He was just testing our thought process.
  • Then he asked an SQL query since I mentioned it in my resume, Given an employee table containing employee id, employee name, and manager id, we have to return the employee id, employee name, and manager name.
  • Next, he asked a managerial question: You are given a scenario, you and another person are assigned a project work a month ago, there is a deadline for a week, and now the other person had taken leave on a personal reason and what is your opinion and what you will do.
  • At last, he asked whether I had any questions for him.

Round 3(Technical): This round was mostly based on a resume:

  • What are the technical stacks that are used in my project (since I mentioned an e-commerce web app).
  • What is REST API?
  • What securities are used to protect the web app?
  • The database that was used for the project.
  • What improvements that you want to do in your project?
  • What are web sockets?
  • Difference between SQL and No-SQL.
  • He checked the web app that I hosted on the Heroku platform.
  • At last, he asked to write an SQL query and then a coding question.
  • The coding question was, we are given an array containing 1s and -1s, we have to return the maximum length of subarray having an equal number of 1s and -1s.

Final Round(Technical plus managerial):

  • He asked to introduce myself after introducing himself.
  • He went through my resume and asked a few questions about my project.
  • How are you gonna market your web app?
  • If a large number of users open your web app, will it be able to load quickly or take time?
  • How is this different from other e-commerce applications.
  • Then he asked whether I am interested in further studies.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why Visa?
  • Where do you see yourself after 2 years?
  • You are from non-cse background and choosing software and how is it valued for your career?
  • What do you know about visa?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

Results were announced around 9:30 pm.

6 students were finally selected for FTE at VISA Inc. and I was one of them.

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