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Visa Inc. Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 21 Feb, 2023
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Interview Experience from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra.

Round 1(Coding Test): The first round was an online coding test on the HackerRank platform that consist of 3 coding questions and was conducted for 1 hour 30 minutes. The questions were:


Around 16 students were shortlisted for interviews.

Round 2(Technical):

  • The interviewer introduced himself and asked me to give my introduction.
  • Then he asked me to explain my project and the tech stacks used.
  • After that, he asked a coding question. Given a sorted array, print the missing numbers in it. He was just testing our thought process.
  • Then he asked me to write the code for the GCD function.
  • Then he gave two tables Emp_Info and Emp_sal and asked two SQL queries related to them.
  • The first question was an easy one, it was related to SUBSTR function.
  • The second question was to get the 2nd Maximum which could be solved using the concepts of LEFT JOIN, ORDER BY, TOP, OFFSET.
  • What is OSI Model?
  • At last, he asked whether I had any questions for him.          

Round 3(Technical): 

  • Tell me something about your projects.
  • He then asked me about the flow of my project.
  • Difference between SQL and NO-SQL Databases?
  • Real-life examples where we will prefer using SQL and NO-SQL Database?
  • How will you handle 1 million user requests on your application?
  • Difference between http and https?
  • What are web sockets (as I used this in my project)?
  • Software Development Methodologies?
  • Software Development Life Cycle?
  • Which is more important development or testing and why?
  • What are Deadlocks?
  • Necessary conditions for deadlock? Given a printer and a scanner, when can deadlock occur?
  • Deadlock handling techniques? Which technique is used by windows OS?
  • Then he asked a coding question:
  • How to best maintain a sorted list from a stream of integers?
  • Then he asked me a puzzle:
  • At last, he asked whether I had any questions for him.

Final Round(Technical plus managerial): In my case, it was more of technical.

  • The interviewer was very friendly. He gave his introduction first and asked for my introduction.
  • He went through my resume and asked about RazorPay API which I had used in one of my projects.
  • What will you do if an outage happens in Razorpay API?
  • What will you do in a situation where your colleague is taking credit for the work done by you?
  • How will you find the cvv of a Debit card? Basically, we have to use all 3-digit numbers and check for correctness.
  • The interviewer also gave a solution and asked me to give points on why my solution is better than his.
  • How will I create a doubly-linked list? A real-life use of a doubly-linked list?
  • Then we had a short discussion on LRU and I told him we use the doubly-linked list in its implementation.
  • Do you have any questions for me?

Results were announced around 9:30 pm.

4 students were finally selected for 6month+FTE at VISA Inc. and I was one of them.

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