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VISA Inc. Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Visa Inc. came to our campus for placements. There was one written round ( and 3 PI rounds.

Written Round

The written tests covered almost every aspect of computer science – Programming, CO, OS, DBMS, ML etc. In addition to just using it as a cutoff for interview shortlist, they had also done an extensive analysis of each and every candidate (We could see pie charts for each section during our interviews).

Coding questions were:

1. Given a plane and n lines, what are the maximum number of regions formed (Solution: Lazy Caterer’s Sequence)

2. Given an array of numbers, find the largest subarray of numbers to be negated to obtain the maximum sum.

Only one subarray can be negated while calculating the sum

for ex: -1 -2 7 -8 10 -3 -4 -5

Ans = 3 (negate -3 -4 -5 to get maximum sum)

PI Rounds:

Round 1

     1) What do you think about Mobile Apps for Visa? (They had exactly one US position for this domain)

     2) Detailed discussion about each and every project

     3) What is Concurrent programming (Based on course taken)

Round 2 (Software Engineering)

     1) What is Agile methodology?

     2) What is your project? If you are going to deploy this for commercial use, what additional aspects to be taken care of?

     3) Different types of testing?

     4) What types of testing used in project?

     5) What is QA? How can you ensure QA?

     6) What kind of bugs were fixed in project? How were they fixed?

     7) What programming language used for project?

     8) About python programming language – advantages and disadvantages (based on my answer to the previous question)

     9) Questions based on my previous work experience

Round 3 (About VISA)

     1) Applications of Data Mining, Machine Learning for a company like VISA.

     2) What kind of data mining can be done on VISA data? What are the uses?

     3) What kind of position, are you interested in? ( Multiple profiles were available. It is important to know atleast one or two of them)

Final Note: Resume is very important. I was questioned about each and every point, I had written in my resume.

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Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019
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