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VirtusaPolaris came to us in July 2019. It was an on-campus recruitment drive. it was a one-day process where covers a PPT followed by an aptitude test and two personal interviews. one of them was a technical interview and the other one HR interview.

Online Test: The online test was conducted in the HackerRank platform. There were a total of 51 questions. one coding problem and others were technical aptitudes, General aptitude, and logical reasoning. Technical aptitudes are basically from OOP, C, C++, Data Structure, Algorithms.
44 people were selected for the next round.

Technical Interview:
-Tell me about yourself.
-Tell me about your project.
-What is your primary language?”JAVA”
-What is OOP?
-What is polymorphism?
-Write the bubble sort.
-Write it without the 3rd variable.
-Write an INSERT SQL query.
-what should we pass in the insert statement if there is a boolean value? 0, 1 or TRUE, FALSE.
asked me to wait for the HR round. only 16 people were selected for the next round.

HR Interview:
-Tell me about yourself.
-Where are you from? how far is it?
-what transporter do you use to go home?
-What is real thing u hear about VirtusaPolaris?
-your strengths and weaknesses.
-why do u want to join VirtusaPolaris?
-Tell me about your family.
-the famous thing in your city.
A total of 6 people got a job offer.

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