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Virtusa Polaris Interview Experience (Pool Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2018
Geek Week

Round 1: Online

Virtusa Polaris conducted Pool campus for NIT Jamshedpur, NIT Durgapur, and NIT Patna at JSR.

The first round comprised of two sections :-

Coding Round – 4 questions

  1.  C ( 2 questions )
  2.  C++ (1 question )
  3.  Java ( 1 question)

The second section had around 60 technical MCQ’s which were mainly from Software Engineering (SDLC models), DBMS, and JAVA. Out of 120 from durgapur, 10 were shortlisted for next rounds at Jamshedpur.

Round 2: Technical

The interviewer greeted me with a smile and asked me to introduce myself. After a brief introductions the first question he asked was, Why not army man? (since my father was in army).

Then he asked Why MCA is better than BTech?  –  To which I replied that in terms of maturity and decision making i think MCA guys are better than btech but in terms of technical knowledge I think both are same. The interviewer was not satisfied with the answer and insisted that MCA guys should more technically sound than BTech guys.

Since I mentioned that I started learning JAVA recently he refrained asking questions from JAVA.

The questions were –

  1. Sort a stack (asked me two approaches)
  2. Indian Flag using HTML (and the ashok chakra too, You cannot insert an image)
  3. Update statement
  4. Commit & Rollbacka
  5. Is there a commit after delete?
  6. OOPS concepts
  7. Runtime Polymorphism
  8. SDLC
  9. Agile Model
  10. Comparison of Agile with iterative waterfall model
  11. Projects

The interview went on for about 45 minutes I guess, at last when I was explaining about my project he interrupted me and said that’s it from side, to which i asked was it bad? (the interview). He said “Just be happy and go”.

Round 3: HR

There were two people in HR, the first person was asking questions and the other person was observing.

Asked me to introduce myself and then the same question why is MCA better than BTech. (Replied the same thing).

He went through my resume and then asked my what is quora?

  1. What is quora?
  2. Pro’s and Cons of Quora
  3. What can be done to improve quora?
  4. Why companies discriminate between the salaries of Btech and MCA and is it right? (Though Virtusa was giving same package for both MCA and Btech)
  5. Why should we hire you?
  6. Why shouldn’t we hire you?
  7. Ambitions in life?
  8. How long would you take to achieve what you want from life?
  9. Why companies should hire freshers when they have to invest so much on them.

Result – Converted

Every round was a elimination round. Keep calm and have patience, and don’t loose your confidence. In total 9 people were selected from 3 NIT’s. 2 From jamshedpur (BTech), 5 from NIT patna (Btech), 1 from MCA(Durgapur).

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