Virtusa Interview Experience

Round 1:

Hey there, it was an on-campus placement drive. Virtusa Corp. had come for 2 profiles (Software Engineer – Java, Data Scientist)

At first, there was an Online test containing:
(For Java Profile)
1. C(2 coding questions)
2. C++(2 coding questions)
3. Java (2 coding questions)
4. DBMS Queries (5-6 mostly on joining)
* All the above were computer-adaptive, means each had sectional time to complete and once completed we cannot go back.
5. Technical MCQs 60 approx (Requires clear concepts of the OS, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Testing methodologies, Networks, Web Services)

(For Data Science)
1. Python code
2. Aptitude
* All the above were computer-adaptive, means each had sectional time to complete and once completed we cannot go back.
5. Technical MCQs 60 approx
After this, from 496 applied students, 66 were selected for Next rounds (30 for Java and 36 for Data Science).

Round 2:

As I had applied for SE-Java profile, I’ll follow the same experience.

We had 2 panels for Java and 2 for Data Science.
The interviewer was asking questions on every topic of Java. Make sure your basics are *very clear.
Questions were from :
– Servlet Lifecycle
– Multithreading
– Inheritance
– Polymorphism
– Concepts of Interface & Abstract Class
– Static keyword
– Garbage collection mechanism
– Diff between Java and C/C++
– Explain the properties of Java
– Collection Framework(Important). He gave me a code to write using ArrayList

Rest on your projects and resume, if you had made on Java(if applying for a Java Profile), that will work as a charm. Javatpoint will help you clear your concepts.

The Interview will go for a minimum of 45-60 minutes based on the level of interest the interviewer gains in you.
At the end of my Technical Interview which lasted for an hour, the interviewer asked me where do I see myself in a period of 3 years, I became more confident hereafter.

Round 3:

After that, the results were being declared and the students who were asked to stay back had to go for HR round. HR person was nice. He asked questions about hobbies and where do I see myself in coming years. The HR was just looking for smart conversation and how you can get well with people and stress. Just relax.

After all had been through to both the rounds, 26 people were left.
Among them, they selected 11 students. 5 for Software Engineer Profile and 6 for Data Scientist Profile.

Finally, I got the offer.
Just enjoy the time you get with the Interviewer. Smile and don’t panic. Keep a clear voice.

Good luck guys!

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