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Virtusa Interview Experience (On-Campus)
  • Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2020

It was an on-campus interview in Kolkata 2019 for fresher. There were 3 rounds.

Round-1: The first round was taken in hackerrank platform which consisted of:

  • Coding -easy to a moderate level which was needed to solve in java language
  • Around 50 MCQ questions including java, SQL, Data Structure, Java output questions, and some from other technical portions like JSP, CSS, HTML. Quantitative and logical aptitude coverage was less.

Tips:- Solve moderate questions from GeeksforGeeks, hackerrank, and must have theoretical knowledge with concepts for MCQs.And there were people who couldn’t able to run the code, still passed 1st round due to good score in MCQs.

Round-2 (Technical Interview): This round was not that much tough.

Some Straight as well as conceptual questions on 

  • OOPs: Inheritance, interface, abstract, Access specifiers.
  • SDLC: agile model, stages, waterfall, etc
  • SQL: Update, Delete, Normalisation, etc
  • Data Structure: Doubly linked list, stacks, sort, etc.

There are different interviewers on different panels. But in my panel, though there were projects in my cv, nothing was asked from that.

Tips:- Just be confident while answering, the interviewer may turmoil you.

Round-3 (HR Round): It was a normal chit-chat around where checks your knowledge, presentable skills, and confidence.I was selected.

  • Tell me something about yourself, from that only may ask some other extra questions or discussions on that.
  • Strength & weakness and why.
  • Some discussions over what technologies I know.
  • Little discussions over my extracurricular activities written in cv.
  • Team Conflict questions.

Tips:- Just be confident, and the interviewer may take words or questions from words that you say.

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