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I’am pursuing 3rd year in electronics and communication engineering. 

Round 1: 

First we had a coding round online which was conducted in hackerrank platform (proctored). 
The question pattern was as follows: 
10 – java multiple choice questions. 
2 – easy problems in java (matrix addition,sorted distinct elements) -you have format the inputs 
3 –  moderate problems in java but more test cases(palindrome,minimum swaps descending order,anagram) 

note:[ The above problems weren’t direct those are the topics from where the problems came from.] 

I passed all test cases for all the problem except minimum swaps. 

Round 2: 

After two days I received a call from virtusa stating that I will have an interview on 6th June 2020 and the interview will be for 30-40 mins and in Microsoft teams. 
This was my first interview and I was new to java but i knew python very well,The interviewer asked me about my academics and my programming skills ,I said that I’am good in python and java and I have also done few projects in machine learning .The interviewer was asking more about java script,html,CSS (basically front end) but i didn’t know any of it so I said him that I have no exposure to these but I know MySQL,pandas,MongoDB,seaborne,scikitlearn. Then the interview was all about data cleaning process and data visualization and the competition on kaggle where I place in top 3%.At the end of the interview I was asked a basic probability question which I answered right. 
(I did answer few html,java and SQL questions). 

On 10th June 2020 I got a mail saying that I got selected for the intern program of 10 months. 


The hiring was so strict that I was the only student who got selected in my college mostly due to COVID-19 which led my college mates to worry about future hiring methods. 


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